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Automatic waste paper Press
Made in Israel. Модель – ultimat  32 ton

Technical data
Length - 4300 mm

Width   - 2000 mm

Height  - 2200 mm

Weight - 3200 kg

Pressure -180 bar

Pressing Force - 32 ton

Pressing Force of 4 kg on 1 cm2

Cycles per minute: 1.2

Capacity, cubic m/hour up to … 60

Capacity, ton/hour 1-2,5

Stuffing time and press of one ready bale: 1,2

Stuffing - automatic
Binding: Steel tape 16 mm / 0,5 mm
Number of tapes on a bale: on demand
Operating modes
- Manual
- Semi-automatic
- Automatic
Size of a ready bale
Length - 1100 mm

Width   - 1050 mm

Height  - 850 mm

Weight (corrugated) - 380/460 kg
Optional on request
- Feeding Conveyor for raw materials
- Pet bottles cutting.
- Software for monitoring operation from a computer or mobile phone;
- Hydraulic lift for trolleys in printing houses or factories
The description of work of a press:  
   In a funnel the waste paper in a manual mode or through the store to photo cell height moves. The photo cell in some seconds includes hydro station and pressing of waste paper or other raw materials begins. At the moment of piston movement it is possible to load raw materials into a funnel. On reaching the necessary size of a bale the press stops. Then the door of emission of a bale opens. In process of a bale exit occurs automatic fillet, the number of tapes can be regulated from the press monitor.
   After end of a cycle the door is closed also a press is again ready to work.

Video a film. Press here