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PSV0104  2700

Paper machine 2700mm for Fluting and Liner

Finished Width 2700mm,Weights 60 to 280 gsm
Production up to 5.8 TPH (tons per hour)on test liner and flutings.
Honeywell Mx open control,1996.Drive L/H from flowbox.
Speed 115 to 380 mpm.Soleplate centres 3505mm.
Wire section
Overmeccanica stainless steel clad wire part cantilevered,wire length 27.6 mtrs.to 28 mtrs.,pneumatic wire stretcher,pressurised headbox,two driven holey rolls,with Mx profile optimiser,slice control by computer with motor driven actuators,stainless forming boards,foils and vacuum foils,complete with Cellwood Cellformer 1992.Suction roll on Celliformer 1000mm diameter,Parsons Reiss breast roll shake mechanism 2002 using Bertams shake motion.Breast roll 473mm diameter,Ceramic Tri Vac before suction couch.Measurex profiling Devroniser above suction the couch roll diameter 810 mm.couch roll on a/f bearings.Thune automatic wire guide.Drive is to the couch roll.
Press sections
Overmeccanica press section.1 st press suction roll to bottom,740mm diameter,face 3290mm over rubber and 2920mm over holes,with plain blind drilled to top 560mm diameter,face 3100mm,double felted with pneumatic loading.Max.pressure 382 pli.2 nd press large diameter wide nip press,both rolls blind drilled.Top and bottom roll roll 1000mm diameter,rolls are 3100mm face over rubber,3050mm face over drilling, 1000mm diameter.Loading 1000 pli.,complete with showers and vacuum boxes.Rolls are water cooled.Tail is blown by air transfer from couch to first press.All press rolls on a/f bearings.Press section has removable packers for one piece felts.Currently running felts with joints.Automatic felt guides.Press loadings.
Dryer section
Pre dryer section 15 (dryers are tested to 90 psi,)2.41b steam pressure,rebuilt by Holder Pamac 1991 in Holder Pamac hood with steam heated pocket ventilation,1991.1.4MW gas fired Spooner air flotation dryer above was manufactured 1996.The cylinder face width is 2997mm and 1500mm diameter,roller a/f bearings,central lubrication system by Beilomatic.Thune automatic felt guides.Open gear drives with C.I and Polypemco gears. Felt lengths are available on request.Sheathen rope feed.Cylinders are bolted ends and last test was 2004 and they have Rotary siphons.
Size press
Pre size press scanner measuring moisture and basis weight.
Inclined size press installed 1990.Bearings are a/f,pneumatic roll loading.
Roll diameters are 648mm/660mm and face 2900mm,.Covers are Micro Mate and Micro rock.
Includes Cellier model 800 vibrating screen situated below the size press.
Each roll has individual electric drives.
Drying section
After dryer section 7 dryers,3b steam pressure with thermo compressor from 10b steam, rebuilt by Holder Pamac 1991,with pocket ventilation system as pre dryers,0.5 MWh gas fired Spooner air flotation dryer above 1996.Face width is 2997mm and 1500 mm diameter all cylinders on a/f bearings with central lubrication system.Bolted ends and rotary siphons fitted.
Kuster double Mat on Line soft nip calandar 1990.Roll diameters are Steel 2870mm x 710mm diam.And swimming roll 2870mm x 485mm diameter R/C., Calcoil on second nips.
Scanner measuring moisture,calliper,gsm,and cross section.
Colour measuring head.
Drum reel up
Reel up by Bertrams,rebuilt 1990,roll diameter 1500mm,pneumatic operation.
Sectional electric drive,Cortina Unity Power Factor D.C.drive suite.Size press and reel up Bull D.C.motors,all others Thrige-Scott.Includes all controls etc. All gearboxes Santasalo,except size press,Bull.
Vacuum pumps
2 off Nash CL 2001 vacuum pump
1 off Nash CL 2002 vacuum pump
1 off Nash 904 L2 vacuum pump
1 off Nash 904 L1 vacuum pump
All vacuum pumps Nash/Eimco pumped separators.
Sale to include all instrumentation.
Sale to include all electric motors.
Bielomatik lubricating oil system to all cylinder bearings 1990,and extended bearing grease system.
Steam system by Joco of Ilkley.1 st predryers,2 nd predryers,and after dryers.
All pumps Sulzer Ahlstrom,1990.
Switchboards,generally Allen West,1990.
Stock Preparation
Colour kitchen
1 off Black Clawson H.D.cleaner 14.5"
1 off Black Clawson U1 Screen with 2mm holes
1off Black Clawson U2 Screen with 2mm holes
2 off Sunds T6 screens with 0.18mm slots,2001 and 1997
1off Metso HC150 cleaner,2001
1 off Sunds Mini Delta screen with 0.18mm slots,2001
Pilao model 1E deflaker with motor
Complete with associated transfer pumps,all Sulzer Ahlstrom manufacture.
L.D cleaners are Beloit and Celleco 610 units with ceramic reject nozzles.
Pillao refiner 24"with motor.Currently not in use as not required.
Machine screen is a Black Clawson model 30 PS with v.belt drive and basket with 0.42mm slots.

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